AltCoinTrader Trading Terms & Conditions

  1. Our conditions of use

    It should be noted that if you have registered or are using our site you have accepted our terms and conditions

    You are required to be at least 18 years old to trade or to open an account at AltCoinTrader!

    All information you submit must be true and correct.

    AltCoinTrader reserves the right to change our terms and conditions without notice. The trader or user of the site has the responsibility to ensure that they have read and understand our terms and conditions before trading on our site.

    It is advisable to have a reasonable knowledge or understanding of Alternative Coins or Crypto Coins before attempting to use the services offered by our website.

    AltcoinTrader reserves the right to temporarily shut down our site or the trading section of our site in the event that emergency maintenance is required or in fact for any reason whatsoever. AltcoinTrader will not be liable for any loss incurred while our site was down.

    AltCoinTrader may collect information about you and your computer including but not limited to IP address,location information, operating system and browser type. We may also use cookies and sessions to further gather information about our clients. Your session activities are tracked! Most actions performed on our site and logged for security reasons.

    AltCoinTrader reserves the right to shut down your account or the entire website if fraudulent activities are suspected from you or anyone else. Once resolved in a manner deemed fit by AltCoinTrader your account or our website will once again be opened.

    Trading on our site could result in financial gain or loss! Trading by means of buying or selling Crypto Coins cannot be reversed! AltCoinTrader will not be liable for any loss whatsoever resulting in trading on our site.

    Users are cautioned to take care when trading as an error could result in a loss and is irreversible.

    The law of the republic of South Africa shall apply in the event of legal action.

    You agree that you will not use our services, website or products for any illegal activities.

    You remain liable for the full settlement of each deposit made on our trading platform by you (including deposits made by you by way of third party payment platforms such as the Ozow (Pty) Ltd payment platform) until such time that the deposit concerned is settled and reflects in our nominated account.

    Take note that AltCoinTrader does not allow deposits made by an account not in the same name as the AltCoinTrader account. Should we discover such a deposit the account will be blocked.

  2. Altcoin Trader (Pty) Ltd Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Policy

    Altcoin Trader (Pty) Ltd is fully committed and remaining constantly vigilant to money laundering schemes, financing of terrorism and it will not allow its systems to be abused in furtherance of these crimes. Altcoin Trader has implemented an active Know Your Customer (KYC) policy and complies with the Financial Intelligence Centre Act (Act 38 of 2001) as amended by the Financial Intelligence Centre Amendment Act (Act 11 of 2008).

    We are fully committed to providing the most secure, stable and user-focused services in digital currencies to our customers. Altcoin Trader (Pty) Ltd shall cooperate with Law enforcement agencies and will take appropriate measures to prevent money laundering.

    We may also be required to restrict the amount of funds users may hold or transact with based on the user’s status. We have implemented measures to monitor suspicious transactions and maintain an active record keeping policy on our customer’s identification and transactions.

    Altcoin Trader (Pty) Ltd Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Policy

    The Altcoin Trader AML Policy is designed to prevent money laundering by implementing adequate systems and controls to mitigate the risk of the trading platform being used to facilitate financial crime. This AML Policy sets out the intention and standards we deem necessary to be compliant.

    Internal Policies and Procedures

    • The identification and reporting of knowledge or suspicions of money laundering.
    • Identification of customers who trade above the minimum threshold allowed by the trading platform and scrutinise irregular or large trading patterns.
    • Receive disclosures of suspicious activity from the Company’s internal staff and existing client base.
    • Reporting and ensuring that suspicious activity or knowledge or suspicion of money laundering be reported to the responsible agency.
    • The termination of client accounts where the client is listed on an approved sanctions list
    • Record keeping of customer trading information including evidence of customer identity and any supporting documentation. Records will be kept for the minimum prescribed periods in addition maintaining customer due diligence (KYC).
    • Internal management controls to make sure that AML policies and procedures are monitored and implemented.
    • The ongoing monitoring and management of compliance and regular assessment of its policies and procedures.
    • Mitigation controls to avoid risks of money laundering by monitoring customer appearing to be acting on behalf of another person, refusal to provide satisfactory ID or unfamiliar or atypical types of customer or transactions that fall outside of a customers known trading patterns.


    For customers who would like to raise their account limits and minimize processing time, we would encourage the customer to upgrade their status and get verified for faster and larger trading volumes. Our verification procedure is simple and secure. For more information on our user status levels please contact us.

  3. Our promise to you:

    We at AltCoinTrader undertake to run our operation with honesty and integrity. We undertake to  act in a reasonable manner and deliver to our clients the highest level of service!