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Proof of Reserves

Understanding what a crypto exchange does with assets should form part of your basic due diligence.

In an effort to be more transparent and assist investors in understanding the status of our crypto reserves, storage and safety aspects we would like to publicly state the following:

Proof of Reserves

BVA Auditing and Assurance (IRBA# 984168) have conducted an independent statutory audit and have found AltCoin Trader (Pty) Ltd to be financially resilient and hold reserves in excess of it’s liabilities to clients.


AltCoin Trader (Pty) Ltd separates crypto assets into hot and cold storage wallets. This means that only a small portion is accessible for withdrawals while the majority is stored safely offline and offsite in cold storage.

Safety Aspects

No single person has access to any assets. Multiple parties are required to move assets. This safeguards against unauthorized access in the event of an individual's demise, extortion, or other unforeseen circumstances.