AltCoinTrader in the Media

AltCoinTrader Talks Gold & Silver on Business Day Spotlight

8 August 2019 (Podcast, Business Day, Mudiwa Gavaza)

Join Richard de Sousa from AltCoinTrader and Mudiwa Gavaza from Business Day Spotlight as they talk our latest offerings of Gold & Silver.

How will these traditional assets measure up in the digital world? Where will Gold & Silver feature in your portfolio?

Will AltCoinTrader ever launch its own coin and is there hope for Facebook's Libra coin?

Gold & Silver Trading Makes Headlines on CGTN Africa

2 August 2019 (Television, CGTN Africa)

AltCoinTrader's Richard de Sousa talks to CGTN Africa about it's revolutionary launch of precious metals, Gold & Silver onto our platform.

Lets see how these new assets can help your investment portfolio and diversify from a cryptocurrency only portfolio into more traditional investments. Will the marriage of old and new open the markets for greater gains?

Discussing Facebook's New Libra Coin on CNBC Africa

24 June 2019 (Television, CNBC Africa, Fifi Peters)

Watch as Richard de Sousa of AltCoinTrader leads a panel to discuss Facebook's Libra coin with CNBC Africa's Fifi Peters.

How will Facebook's attempt to join the cryptocurrency market impact on it's users and the financial industry considering it's checkered past of privacy violations? Let's learn more about the future plans Facebook has to grow it's reach deeper into it's user base.

Do Central Banks have anything to fear from this internet giant? It's impact on the banking sector could see it up against traditional banks reluctant to join their new venture. With the potential to reach millions of unbanked people around the world we could see a banking revolution on the horizon.

For the average South African building their crypto portfolio's will the South African State of the Nation address by Cyril Ramaphosa have any impact and will Facebook's Libra feature anywhere in your list of crypto assets to buy?

Facebook Coin - What You Need to Know

20 June 2019 (Podcast, Business Day, Mudiwa Gavaza)

What is facebook coin, libra coin or global coin?

What you need to know, it this a good opportunity or a dangerous development in our society

Richard and Mudiwa discuss this and more...

Facebook coin or Libra coin is the biggest news to hit the financial sector in a very long this. This has the potential to change EVERYTHING!

Ramah Nyang of CGTN Africa talks to Richard de Sousa

16 May 2019 (Television, CGTN Africa Ramah Nyang)

Why has the price of bitcoin gone up? In less than 30 days we have gone up over 100% adding over 70 billion USD to the bitcoin market cap.

Ethereum (ETH) price is also up is that related to the bitcoin (BTC) price spike?

The AltCoins seem to be following why is that?

SARS will be placing bitcoin on the 2019 tax return forms.

AltCoinTrader and CNBC talk Bitcoin

23 April 2019 (Television, CNBC Africa, Fifi Peters)

Fifi Peters of CNBC talks to Richard de Sousa about Bitcoin, is it time to dump or coin it with crypto and bitcoin.

We also unpack why Bitcoin seems to be on the rise again and what the future could possibly look like...

AltCoinTrader and Lotus FM talk at Bitcoin

20 March 2019 (Radio, Lotus FM, Tashlan Naidoo)

Tashlan Naidoo of Lotus FM talks to Richard de Sousa about Bitcoin and the need for consumers to use trusted exchanges and do research to avoid getting scammed.

AltCoinTrader and SA Crypto talk at BlockChain Africa 2019

17 March 2019 (Podcast, SA Crypto, James Preston)

James Preston of SA Crypto talks to Richard de Sousa at Blockchain Africa 2019 about crypto and AltCoinTrader's plans for 2019.

The ethereum hard fork which took place on the 28 Feb 2019

1 March 2019 (Television, CGTN Africa, Ramah Nyang)

Some of the topics discussed by Richard de Sousa and Ramah Nyang of CGTN were:

Bitcoin’s down by over 65%%, Ethereum’s lost over 84% in the last 12 months. Now that we’re far off from the 2017 peaks, is there still as much trading interest in cryptocurrencies?

The ethereum hard fork which took place on the 28 Feb 2019

Authorities in South Africa do not intend to ban the use, or trade in crypto assets – but they did put out a consultation paper for comments last month. What input, if any, did you have on that consultation paper?

Last September, Zimbabwe’s Finance Minister took a rather optimistic view of crypto assets, saying that the Central Bank ought to be studying the asset class and developing regulations to let it thrive. 5 months later, has anything changed in Zimbabwe’s use of cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin, BlackRock and project Khokha on CGTN

17 June 2018 (Television, CGTN Africa, Ramah Nyang)

Ramah Nyang of CGTN Africa talks to Richard de Sousa regarding Bitcoin, BlackRock and project Khokha...

Bitcoin price volatility. Some perspective...

16 June 2018 (Radio, Classic FM, Natassia Arendse)

Natassia Arendse of Classic FM talks to Richard de Sousa. Some perspective is shared on the volatility of bitcoin and AltCoins...

Simon Hill talks to Richard de Sousa the bitcoin give away

4 June 2018 (Radio, Hot 91.9, Simon Hill)

Simon Hill of Hot 91.9 talks to AltcoinTrader about a June 2018 bitcoin give away. For the first time ever on South African radio a full bitcoin is been given away as a prize...

Courtesy of AltcoinTrader and Hot 91.9 a bitcoin will be given away later this month to a lucky Hot 91.9 listerner

For more information on how to enter and stand a chance to win a bitcoin stay tuned to Hot 91.9...

Dumisani Ndlovu talks to Richard de Sousa about Bitcoin scams

31 May 2018 (Radio, Power FM, Dumisani Ndlovu)

Dumisani Ndlovu and Richard de Sousa discuss how to stay safe from bitcoin and crypto scams on the power update.

Rian van Heerden talks to Richard de Sousa about the fuss around bitcoin and crypto...

21 May 2018 (Radio, Jacaranda 94.2, Rian van Heerden)

Many topics are discussed on the Jacaranda's afternoon drive from the safety of bitcoin to investing. Some clarity is also given on bitcoin and crypto exchanges like Altcoin Trader.

Mark Pilgrim talks to Richard de Sousa of Altcoin Trader about crypto...

16 May 2018 (Radio, Hot 91.9, Mark Pilgrim)

Mark Pilgrim of Hot 91.9 talks to Richard de Sousa about crypto currencies and how anyone can get started and have full control of their crypto portfolio with Altcoin Trader...

AltCoinTrader (Richard de Sousa) talks to Siki Mgabadeli eNCA

11 May 2018 (Television, eNCA, Siki Mgabadeli)

Will Ethereum overtake bitcoin in market cap is the big question... There seems to be some confusion on this topic in particularly around the understanding of market cap. What does market cap mean, well simply put you take the number of coins and multiply it by the price per coin to get the "market cap".

With this in mind bitcoin will have 21 million coins (17 million at the time of writing this) and Ethereum will have 100 million (99 million at the time of writing) so in order for ethereum to overtake bitcoin we can see that the price of a single ethereum coin would have to be much less than the price of a single bitcoin.

At today's rate where bitcoin is R 110 000 odd etherium would need to be get to a price of around R 19 000 per coin to have overtaken bitcoin in market cap.

This is called the flippening...

Radio advertising

24 April 2018 (Radio, Advert)

Advertising in the media... a 30 second radio advert for a South African bitcoin and crypto exchange.

Collen Hans of Jozi FM talks to Richard de Sousa about bitcoin

22 March 2018 (Radio, Jozi FM, Collen Hans)

Collen Hans of Jozi FM talks to Richard de Sousa about bitcoin, how to get involved and what to look out for to ensure you stay safe in this emerging crypto space...

Steph from StephTV talks to AltCoinTrader (Richard de Sousa)

9 March 2018 (YouTube, Blockchain Africa 2018, StephTV)

How to Buy Bitcoin in South Africa

In this episode, Steph explains how to buy Bitcoin in South Africa on We get to meet Richard De Sousa the owner of at Blockchain Africa 2018, he gives us a little background about the company.

A big shout out to Steph for taking the time to make this very informative video we appreciate it, thank you.

AltCoinTrader (Richard de Sousa) talks to Siki Mgabadeli Moneyline eNCA

9 February 2018 (Television, eNCA, Siki Mgabadeli)

Crypto-currency market unpacked...

Since hitting an all-time high of almost $ 20 000 US dollars per bitcoin in late 2017, the crypto-currency has almost halved in value over the past month. Richard de Sousa from AltCoinTrader (Pty) Ltd unpacks the emergence of the broader crypto-currency market.

AltCoinTrader (Richard de Sousa) talks to Nick Hamman 5FM talks...

25 July 2017 (Radio, 5FM, Nick Hamman)

Nick Hamman of 5FM talks to Richard de Sousa, Dawie Roodt and Tania Knowles about Bitcoin, Crypto Currencies and Blockchain. If you are not involved with Crypto Currencies and Blockchain Technologies already, you will be soon!

We chat to a panel of experts to discuss the implications of cryptocurrency. On the panel, Dawie Roodt (Chief Economist, Efficient Group), Tanya Knowles (Managing Executive of Fractal Solutions, division of Strate (Pty) Ltd) and Richard de Sousa ( AltCoinTrader (Pty) Ltd.)