Top picks for cryptocurrency Christmas gifts

Top picks for cryptocurrency Christmas gifts
Skip the busy shops this holiday season and opt for the best Christmas gift ever. A gift that truly keeps on giving. Oh yes, you guessed it! Cryptocurrencies.

This holiday you can save yourself a lot of time browsing through shops to find the perfect Christmas gift for family and friends by simply purchasing cryptocurrencies on AltCoinTrader. Regardless if they’ve been naughty or nice this year, here are the top picks for cryptocurrency Christmas gifts.

Top picks for cryptocurrency Christmas gifts


Ripple (XRP) had a busy 2019 with CEO Brad Garlinghouse announcing partnerships and projects left, right and centre. Ripple in a nutshell, is aimed at revolutionizing the way we transfer and receive payments. Current systems that are being used by banks are outdated, takes a long time and is costly. Thanks to Ripple’s technology, you can send money to anyone anywhere by making use of one simple channel. It will save both banks and customers a lot of money and time. Various mainstream banks have already adopted Ripple’s technology and things are heating up! At this stage, Ripple is extremely affordable especially when taking into consideration the project’s potential.


BitTorrent (BTT), a fork of Tron is a big deal. Did you know that BitTorrent is responsible for more than 22% of internet traffic? This means that the token is supported by the largest network. No other cryptocurrency has this magnitude of support. At the moment, the token is correcting which presents the ideal buy opportunity for seasoned traders.

Gold and Silver

These may not be cryptocurrencies per se, but on AltCoinTrader you can buy gold and silver in the same way you do cryptocurrencies. Earlier this year, AltCoinTrader made headlines as the first South African cryptocurrency exchange to offer gold and silver. The concept is unique in the sense that one can buy and sell gold and silver on AltCoinTrader without having to hold physical gold and silver.

However, should you wish to have physical gold, you can do so by requesting the gold to be couriered to your preferred address.

What’s more is like with cryptocurrencies, you do not have to buy a full ounce of gold or silver and can buy a fraction to keep on the exchange.

Now let’s get to the facts. Precious metals are a great way to diversify one’s portfolio. In times of political uncertainty, precious metals are regarded as a safe haven to store money. Gold has a larger liquid market than silver and its price is less volatile due to the demand for gold as an investment and for making jewelry.

Silver, on the other hand is more speculative since it is directly bound to economic activity due to its industrial uses. But, silver is cheaper than gold and therefore more appealing to small investors.

Giftwrapping with AltCoinTrader

All of the abovementioned and more can be bought on AltCoinTrader. Urge the recipients of the gifts to register an account on the exchange and you can simply transfer their crypto gifts to their wallets. Why wait until Christmas morning to open your gifts?