Top 5 reasons to use xZAR

Top 5 reasons to use xZAR
There are numerous advantages to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology for both individuals and businesses. Cryptocurrencies allow holders to transact and save without any third-party interference. Due to the transparent blockchain technology, cryptocurrency payments have become the obvious choice for those who are seeking financial freedom. xZAR is a South African stable coin pegged 1:1 with the South African Rand (ZAR). Today, we discuss the top 5 reasons to use xZAR.

1. Enjoy financial freedom

Traditional financial systems may impose restrictions on one’s capital such as limits on withdrawals and minimum deposit amounts. Paired with high charges and a rigorous KYC process, these requirements have contributed largely to the increasing number of unbanked people of the world. However, the xZAR stable coin allows everyone the opportunity to be in control of their money and enjoy financial freedom. There are no restrictions on capital and you can access your funds immediately. Transactions in xZAR are performed peer-to-peer without the need of a third party.

2. xZAR is stable in volatile markets

The crypto market is known for being volatile. At times, the price of Bitcoin can easily dump $1 000 only to recoup in a few minutes. This has a negative impact on the ability of cryptocurrencies for use as payment for goods and services. Enter stable coins. Stable coins are traditionally pegged to a stable currency and backed by a surplus of collateral. So, when the crypto market is volatile, the stable coin like xZAR will maintain a constant value. xZAR gives investors the ability to store value in the crypto space.

3. Pay for goods and services with xZAR

As with traditional fiat, xZAR can be used to pay or to be paid for goods and services. Furthermore, you can repay debt and send money across borders to family and friends. It is a well-known fact that it is both costly and time consuming to perform cross-border transactions with traditional financial institutions. But with xZAR as a stable medium of exchange, you can send xZAR coins to anyone, anywhere within seconds. xZAR peer-to-peer transactions can be performed at a fraction of the cost of traditional transfer services.

4. Perform transactions 24/7

Whilst traditional financial institutions have specified operating hours, the crypto industry is always open. You can perform transactions any time of the day or night, week in and week out. What’s more is that transactions are settled immediately. If you wish to make a payment over a weekend using traditional financial institutions, your payment may only be settled the following business day.

5. Convert xZAR to cash instantly

You don’t need permission to cash out xZAR coins for ZAR. Holders can easily sell their coins for ZAR and deposit the funds into their bank account. Protect your money against inflation by investing in a stable coin like xZAR. xZAR acts as a safe haven during times of economic instability.

Get xZAR on AltCoinTrader

xZAR is a multi-use ERC-20 token that has quickly become South Africa’s preferred stable coin. In order to get xZAR tokens, simply deposit ZAR into your AltCoinTrader account and withdraw the token to your external wallet. Click the withdraw button on the AltCoinTrader platform and choose to withdraw xZAR. The funds will reflect in your wallet and you are ready to go.