Top 5 reasons to buy Gold now

Top 5 reasons to buy Gold now
Gold is a unique investment. It is known as a safe haven during economic turmoil, it has the ability to make your portfolio stronger and holds the possibility of going up in value. AltcoinTrader recently enabled Gold and Silver trading on the world-renowned exchange. Today we look at the top 5 reasons to buy Gold now.

1. Gold is a useful hedge against Bitcoin

Any good financial advisor would tell you that it is important to diversify your investment portfolio. Diversifying into cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is an excellent idea. However, AltcoinTrader now gives customers the opportunity to diversify into Gold on the exchange. During a recent interview, AltcoinTrader CEO Richard de Sousa said looking into the future, a lot of investors are diversifying into precious metals like Gold.

“Depending on your risk appetite, you can move between Bitcoin and Gold,” de Sousa said. He advised investors to have a percentage of their portfolio in precious metals in order to withstand the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Listen to Richard de Sous chat to Business Day Spotlight about Gold and Silver.

2. Gold protects your investments during geopolitical crisis

During times of crisis, investors look to safe haven currencies or commodities to protect their investments. One such is Gold. Those who have been following the Trade War between China and the U.S., will know that with the financial market (monetary system) being volatile, the price of Gold has in fact increased. Consequently, when investors become fearful of a looming recession, the more sought-after gold becomes. Gold is a natural safe haven.

3. Gold is always the last man standing

Investing in Gold is a solid investment, just as much as the actual metal. The price of Gold will not go to zero and will be the last man standing when a bubble pops or during an economic crisis. Physical Gold cannot go bankrupt. The commodity has been in existence for more than 3 000 years and has been a valuable tool one can exchange for a fiat currency.

4. Hedge your stock market investments against Gold

If you are concerned that the stock market might crash, then you can hedge your stock market investments against Gold. Over the years, Gold has time and again shown that it does the opposite of investments like the stock market. So, when the stock market declines, the price of Gold rose, most of the time. During the 2008 financial crisis, Gold rebounded and grew by 5.5% during the year whilst the S&P declined. It is a good idea to invest in Gold if you want an asset that will likely go up in price during a financial crisis.

5. Owning Gold is easy

When considering investing into either Gold or real estate, Gold has a competitive advantage in the sense that it is easy to store and is low maintenance. Gold packs a lot of value into a rather small space. For example, you can have Gold to the value of R250 000 and store it safely in a small safe. Gold is a store of value. All Gold and Silver on AltcoinTrader are fully backed by physical Gold and Silver. Gold, for example is represented by the Krugerrand and is securely stored off site at third party vaults. If you wish to withdraw Gold or silver in one-ounce units, you are able to do so and will be paid out in Krugerrands. You can choose to have them delivered or collect them from a retail partner in South Africa. Start trading Gold and Silver on AltcoinTrader today!