Top 5 cryptos to gift for Christmas 2021

Top 5 cryptos to gift for Christmas 2021
Give a financial savvy gift this year by gifting cryptos to loved ones on Christmas. With South Africa’s favourite cryptocurrency exchange, AltCoinTrader buying and sending crypto gifts is super easy and fast. Here are our top 5 picks for cryptos to gift this Christmas. #Nofancywrappingpaperneeded

Top 5 cryptos to gift on Christmas


Getting started with cryptocurrencies may seem daunting at first. For this reason, gifting Bitcoin on AltCoinTrader is a sound choice for new cryptocurrency users. Bitcoin is by far the most well-known cryptocurrency and has long-term potential. It is supported by most platforms and service providers.


The second largest crypto by market cap is Ethereum. It is said to be one of the coins with the most potential to grow over the short and long term. Ethereum’s claim to fame is smart contracts and decentralized finance (DeFi). ETH has the potential to outperform BTC which makes it a great Christmas gift for someone who is looking to stay ahead in the crypto game.


Solana was recently listed on AltCoinTrader and is rapidly growing. It’s advantage over Bitcoin and Ethereum is it faster than the other two. The Solana network can process up to 2 500 transactions per second. The network is known for hosting over 400 applications that include DeFi and the largest marketplace for non-fungible tokens, OpenSea.


Currently, Cardano is one of the most used networks in the crypto space. Cardano developed a smart contract platform that does not require any third-party agreements, as in the case of Ethereum. Some of its other uses include but are not limited to, making dApps as stable and secure as possible. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) uses the Cardano network to authenticate the source of various pharmaceutical products to ensure safe storage, transportation and therefore usage.


Gifting loved ones xZAR is one of the most versatile gifts! xZAR is a South African stable coin that can be used to buy other cryptocurrencies, buy an NFT, pay for goods and services etc. Furthermore, internationally renowned auditing and advisory services firm, Mazars confirmed xZAR is fully collateralised, meaning it is backed 1:1 by South African Rands.

How to gift cryptos on AltCoinTrader

A crypto gift is guaranteed to make you the favourite this Christmas. Save yourself from hours of shopping in crowded malls and expensive yet wasteful gift wrapping. Here is how you can gift cryptos to loved ones with AltCoinTrader:

  • Simply head on over to AltCoinTrader and gift loved ones a gift that will truly keep on giving.
  • Log into your AltCoinTrader account and buy the cryptos you wish to gift as Christmas gifts.
  • If the lucky recipients of your crypto gifts do not yet have an AltCoinTrader account, assist them to register an account on AltCoinTrader. It only takes a few minutes but they will be eternally grateful to you.
  • Once their accounts have been verified, send their crypto gifts to their respective wallets. It’s that simple!
In conclusion, take your cryptos with you wherever you and loved ones are now and into the future. Thanks to the AltCoinTrader mobile app, you can quickly check your balance or send cryptos from anywhere. Have a merry Christmas!