Top 10 things every AltCoinTrader should know

Top 10 things every AltCoinTrader should know
Since its inception in 2015, AltCoinTrader has become the most trusted cryptocurrency exchange in South Africa. Behind the name is a dedicated team of professionals who are passionate about the crypto industry. We take a look at the top 10 things every AltCoinTrader should know.

1. Trade ZAR for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Not a lot of cryptocurrency exchanges cater specifically for the South African Rand (ZAR). For South Africans to convert ZAR into USD and then buy BTC is costly. Therefore, AltCoinTrader caters specifically for ZAR holders. You can buy up to 22 cryptocurrencies with ZAR on AltcoinTrader.

2. Top notch safety and security

AltCoinTrader is a safe and secure trading platform that is built on values such as honesty and integrity. The exchange is Thawte certified. Thawte is the industry leader in website security certificates and is truly the best when it comes to ensuring the encryption of data. Traders can make use of the AltCoinTrader platform knowing their valuable cryptocurrencies are safe and secure.

3. Financial investment protection

Customers’ ZAR and cryptocurrencies are not stored on the AltCoinTrader website but rather in cold storage. This is the best way to ensure your financial investment is protected. All deposits and withdrawals are processed by one of our professional team members. This entails various checks and verification procedures to ensure the safety of your funds.

4. Trade Gold and Silver on AltCoinTrader

AltCoinTrader has expanded its trading platform to include precious metals Gold and Silver. Crypto hodlers can now diversify their portfolios to include these precious metals. All Gold and Silver are backed by physical gold and silver which are securely stored off site at third party vaults.

5. Trade with up to 22 cryptocurrencies

There are hundreds of cryptocurrencies on the market. Traders are truly spoiled for choice but the trick is to invest in the right cryptocurrency. For this reason, AltCoinTrader has spent numerous hours picking only the best cryptocurrencies for their customers. Check out the complete list of cryptocurrencies available on AltCoinTrader.

6. Low fee structure

AltCoinTrader offers customers very competitive trading fees. Pay only 0.8% of the trade value when trading on AltCoinTrader. Deposit cryptocurrencies for free! See the full fee structure.

7. Meet the dedicated team

The AltCoinTrader team believes that crypto is not a fad or phase, but a life changing technology. Cryptocurrencies will change the financial face of the planet. AltCoinTrader CEO Richard de Sousa posts daily updates on the crypto industry on his YouTube channel, RadsACT. Check it out!

8. Airdrops galore!

AltCoinTrader stays on top of its game by offering customers the opportunity to benefit from cryptocurrency airdrops. Recently, Tron (TRX) hodlers were awarded BitTorrent tokens during the much anticipated BitTorrent airdrop. Besides offering customers airdrops, AltCoinTrader also ensures customers stay up to date with the latest hard fork events and how it may impact their holdings.

9. Buying cryptocurrencies is easy with AltCoinTrader

Buying Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Ripple and many other cryptocurrencies on AltcoinTrader is easy! Simply do an EFT deposit of ZAR and in no time, you can buy cryptos to your heart’s content. Transaction fees are minimal and the system also allows for international deposits. You can also buy cryptos with ZAPPER.

10. Cancelling orders is free!

Fundamentals and technicals can change quickly. The one minute it may seem as if the chart is bullish but then it turns bearish and you have to cancel an order. You will happy to know that cancelling orders is free. No fees will be charged if you cancel an order. AltCoinTrader wishes their customers the best trading experience!