How to make money when the crypto market is correcting

How to make money when the crypto market is correcting
2021 has been a rollercoaster for the cryptocurrency market. Price explosions were followed by sudden dips that caused panic selling. The truth is that volatility is a common aspect of the crypto market. This makes it harder for traders to make money. However, clever traders know there are a few ways to make money when the crypto market is correcting.

What is a crypto market correction?

A market correction is when prices fall for a certain period before resuming an uptrend. Corrections are not bear markets and are merely a temporary interruption of a steep uptrend. If you are an early adopter, a correction may not affect your portfolio much. However, correction implies potential losses for majority of traders. Other investors benefit from market corrections by stocking up on their favourite coins at low prices.

Remember corrections are necessarily as the market would simply spiral out of control if it keeps going up.

How does one make money when the crypto market is correcting?

As a trader, you can listen to “buy the dip” up to a certain point then one either runs out of money or patience or both. So how can you make money when the crypto market is correcting? Join AltCoinTrader’s Easy Save!

Easy Save lets you earn interest on your cryptos, even when the market is correcting. A market correction does not have to imply losses. With Easy Save, you can watch your investment grow.

How does Easy Save work?

All you have to do to earn interest on your crypto savings is to deposit any coin on the Easy Save list into Easy Save on AltCoinTrader. With no lock in periods and no fees, you can sit back and watch your crypto portfolio grow.

Interest rates are based on an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and will be paid in the coin you deposited into Easy Save.

If the crypto market is correcting, it will not affect your APR. If you deposit 1 Bitcoin for example, you will be able to withdraw 1 Bitcoin plus the interest earned. Interest earned is not paid in fiat but in cryptocurrency. The ZAR price of 1 Bitcoin may fluctuate, but this will not affect your crypto interest.

How much interest can I earn?

You should see your investment earn interest within minutes after you’ve deposited your cryptos in Easy Save.

Here is a breakdown of how much interest you can earn on Easy Save coins:

Bitcoin (BTC) – 4%
xZAR – 5.23%
Tron (TRX) – 10.44%
Tether (USDT) – 7.32%
Ethereum (ETH) – 4.4%
Cardano (ADA) – 5.08%

In conclusion, recoveries in the crypto market can be swift as well as opportunities to buy at “the bottom”. Whilst corrections are temporary, buying at the exact right time will be beneficial in the long run.