How to make an instant EFT to your AltCoinTrader account

How to make an instant EFT to your AltCoinTrader account
Please note: This option is only valid for South African bank account holders.

Until now, one would have to wait for up to two work days, depending on the bank you use, for ZAR to reflect in your AltCoinTrader account. By that time, you may have missed the perfect entry opportunity to buy your favourite cryptocurrency. This is about to change as AltCoinTrader introduces secure and instant EFT payments with Ozow. You can literally make an EFT to your AltCoinTrader account in less than 1 minute. Let’s show you how.

What is Ozow?

Ozow features instant EFT payments from your bank account to a merchant. The world-class digital payment platform aims to simplify transactions by creating a contactless and “cardless” platform for digital payments to become commonplace. It is the best way to pay nowadays!

There is no need for tedious registration, remembering log in details, sending proof of payment or even waiting for funds to clear. It doesn’t even require a credit card. You can use any of your accounts like a savings account, cheque account, credit card account, etc. You only need an online bank account. Move aside cash, mobile is king.

The Ozow payment gateway acts as a proxy between the buyer/customer and the bank and the result is instant and secure payments. The future of non-cash payments is here!

Ozow is a fast-growing fintech company that is trusted by many leading companies in South Africa

How does Ozow work?

Ozow is not an app that you have to download and save your online banking details or credit card and debit card details.

You simply go onto the site from which you wish to make a purchase. It is really easy.

Here with 6 easy steps to deposit funds (Fiat) into your AltCoinTrader account using Ozow:

  1. First, log onto your AltCoinTrader account
  2. Navigate to the Deposit page and select “Deposit type” followed by “OZOW Instant EFT”
  3. Simply add the amount of Rands (ZAR) you wish to deposit into your account and click “Deposit with OZOW”
  4. The site will automatically redirect you to the OZOW payment gateway where you can enter your banking details for a secure transaction
  5. Your bank may require additional authorization and you may be asked to approve the transaction on your mobile device
  6. Upon confirmation, you will be redirected to the AltCoinTrader site and you are ready to buy your favourite cryptocurrencies!

AltCoinTrader and Ozow is changing the market

By enabling Ozow payments on South Africa’s favourite cryptocurrency exchange, AltCoinTrader, traders can now buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies faster. Ozow opens the world of e-commerce to the masses by allowing for instant payment at a fraction of the price. Think of it as a new way to shop for cryptos online.

In conclusion, Ozow is -

  • Card-free
  • Instant notifications
  • Hassle free
  • No registration needed
  • Fast payments
Ozow easy. Ozow fast. Ozow trusted.

For information regarding our fees please visit our fees page.