How to get cryptos if you don’t have money

How to get cryptos if you don’t have money
Do you wish you could own some cryptos but don’t have the bucks to buy cryptos? Today we have a few suggestions how to get cryptos if you don’t have money.

Why you should own cryptos

Investing in cryptos is investing in your future. The value of cryptocurrencies has increased tremendously over the years and investors can look forward to further gains in the near future. Other reasons for owning cryptos is that crypto transactions are very cost effective, there are no chances of you losing cryptos due to identity theft and transactions are settled immediately.

Surf the web on Brave Browser

By using the Brave Browser to surf the web does not only block ads, but you also get rewarded in BAT Tokens. Once a month, your BAT Tokens get paid into a wallet and you can exchange it for other cryptos or cash out. What’s more is that Brave Browser is three times faster than other search engines, it has better privacy and uses 35% less battery on your mobile. Check out the Rads ACT YouTube channel to learn more about BAT Tokens.

Read cryptocurrency blogs

Did you know you can get free cryptos if you read blogs or watch videos on specific sites? A good example is PublishOX that gives you tokens for reading content on the site. You can also apply to become a blogger on the site and earn even more cryptos. The site also runs frequent competitions with crypto prizes up for grabs.

Fill out surveys

Filling out surveys will enable you to earn cryptos. is a survey site where you can get paid in 100 different cryptocurrencies for performing simple tasks, watching videos, playing games etc.

Become a crypto influencer

An easy way to get cryptos if you have no money, is to become a crypto influencer on social media. Try your hand at YouTube or on Twitter and have your say on matters pertinent to the crypto industry. Some crypto influencers earn a lot of cryptocurrencies by asking for tips in exchange for content they produced.

Enter the Rads ACT Monthly Bitcoin Giveaway

Nothing beats winning cryptos! Be sure to enter the Rads ACT Monthly Bitcoin Giveaway. Every month AltCoinTrader’s CEO, Richard de Sousa selects three lucky winners. All you have to do to enter is comment on the Rads ACT YouTube video that promotes the giveaway. Be sure to subscribe to the channel so that you don’t miss out!

In conclusion, be sure to withdraw the cryptos you earned often to a wallet you trust. Alternatively, withdraw them to your AltCoinTrader where you can trade them for any coin listed on the exchange.