Brave launches Brave Talk

Brave launches Brave Talk
Ever wondered who could be listening in on your video call? The Brave browser recently launched Brave Talk, a new privacy-focused video conferencing feature. Brave’s native token, Basic Attention Token (BAT) has not set the charts alight yet. With this and more expected news, it is worth hodling a bag of BAT on AltCoinTrader, South Africa’s favourite cryptocurrency exchange.


Since the start of the devastating Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for secure online video conferencing programmes have skyrocketed. One such video conferencing programme is Zoom that saw a revenue increase of 317% in 2020 to $2.6 billion. According to the latest statistics, Zoom was one of the fastest growing apps of the pandemic and meeting participants increased by 2900%.

However, Zoom was quickly banned by countries like Canada and Taiwan following concerns that the company was using inadequate end-to-end encryption. It was also reported that Zoom allegedly sent unauthorised data to Facebook. Since then, Zoom has fixed the issues and is still one of the most popular video conferencing apps.

It makes sense that the crypto industry would soon launch a product to address privacy concerns.

What is Brave Talk?

Many people across the globe are still confined to their homes but want to stay in touch with work colleagues and loved ones. Brave Talk allows users to make privacy-focused video calls from the comfort of the Brave browser. The programme allows users to make video calls to other users of Brave Talk without sacrificing privacy.

To make a call, simply open the Brave desktop browser and click on the Brave Talk camera icon or visit You can make calls from Brave and invite others on other browsers, to join your call.

Benefits of Brave Talk

  • Privacy

    Brave Talk blocks trackers by default and has multiple layers of encryption on calls. Furthermore, the servers don’t save metadata so no data, calls or images can be recorded or shared without consent.

  • No app download/login requirement

    Brave Talk is available to users in the Brave browser. There is no need to download or log into an app.

  • No limit on the number/duration of free calls

    Users of the free version get unlimited call time. However, users who are hosting calls for more than three people can opt for the premium version that costs $7 per month.

  • Video group watch and YouTube live-streaming

    Share your ideas via video group watch and YouTube live-streaming on Brave Talk.

Can I use BAT Tokens on Brave Talk?

No, not yet. Responding to the question whether or not users can pay for Brave Talk Premium with BAT tokens, a member of BAT responded on Reddit by saying they are working on it.

“Indeed, we want to introduce the option to pay with BAT earned via Brave Rewards ("Pay with BAT") for premium products such as Talk and Firewall + VPN, as well as products from participating merchants, soon. It&'s something that is planned and being worked on!”

Currently, Brave browser has more than 36 million monthly active users. By simply browsing on Brave, users earn BAT tokens that they can trade on AltCoinTrader. Now this is what we call passive income! Brave Talk is a very exciting feature and its privacy feature will benefit users greatly.